KUK SOOL WON Martial Arts



SBN Gehrik Mohr – Owner / Instructor

How long have you been practicing Kuk Sool Won?
I’ve been studying Kuk Sool Won since 1992.
Where did you begin?
Berkley, Michigan.
What rank have you achieved thus far?
Black Belt, 4th Dan.
Give us a brief description of your martial arts career.
  • I’ve been training in martial arts since 1990
  • School Owner & instructor of Troy Kuk Sool Won from 1999 to 2008
  • Head instructor of Royal Oak Kuk Sool Won from 2008 to 2010
  • School Owner & Head instructor of Kuk Sool Won of Madison Heights, presently
What is your favorite part of Kuk Sool Won and why?
I truly enjoy all aspects of Kuk Sool Won. No matter what your situation healthwise there is always some area or aspect to train in. That is why I love this complete authentic Korean system. It’s taught me not to fear the difficulties in life, but to embrace them. With a curriculum that has 3,608 techniques it provides you ample choices no matter what situation you’re in! Whether it be self-defense or physical demands through out your day. Exercising expertise as well as civility. Without a doubt Kuk Sool Won provides the ability to train your body, brain and attitude simultaneously. This is an example of the total and complete harmony with one’s self Kuk Sool strives to grow in every class! 🙂

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